Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So once again after all of his attacking Republicans the President Calls for Unity

Obama has no credentials beyond walking on water, and being a ward heeler, political mafia strong arm and snake oil salesman. He can set forth on a mission to bring us together, but it will be laced with blame placing, posturing and fairy dust promises that only the unicorn crowd will hear
Do you think attacking Republicans, repeatedly criticizing your predecessor and whining about the problems you inherited (even after spending two years working so you could face those problems head-on) might have something to do with it?
If he wants to change Washington, it’s all in his hands. He can make the decision to broadcast negotiations on C-SPAN and tell Congress to eliminate the backroom deals from the bill.
Once this health care charade has played out, we the people will go to the polls and speak our minds. God grant us the strength to act with wisdom, piety and a determination to protect of our posterity.


  1. Hi, LIFE...great post. And thanks for coming by geeeeeZ.
    You're so right; if Obama really wanted UNITY he'd DO something about it other than talk about it....and, of course, if we had a thinking, honest, media which wasn't clouded by Obama LOVE, many more Americans would be on to this, too. As it is, the public's not hearing much in the way of FACTS (8 TIMES he promised CSPAN would cover everything and we'd have TRANSPARENCY) or logical thinking like yours except on FOX, etc., and that's why the WH has people working to discredit the Conservative shows on TV and radio...Van Jones, the Communist they finally had to fire late one Friday night so we wouldn't notice is busy dissing FOX and Limbaugh now.
    These are tough times for America; will we recognize her in another 3 years?

  2. The New World Order Dictionary defines the word unity as:

    The result when either conservative dissent is quashed, or in the highly unlikely event that everyone agrees with Democrats.

    With that understanding of the word "unity", his actions begin to make sense.

    Welcome to the Blogosphere. let me know if I can help.

  3. Thanks Dan, for both your offer and your comment