Monday, January 4, 2010

Ten New Year's Resolutions Obama Should Have

10. Quit blaming George W. Bush for everything. For Harry Truman, the buck stopped with him. Of course, thanks to massive government debt sales under Obama, a “buck” is now worth less but the concept is the same.

09. Quit blaming the CIA for everything. You can’t simply say the CIA “dropped the ball” on the one hand then release terrorists to Yemen and politicize the War on Terror on the other and expect positive results.

08. Quit spending so much damn taxpayer money! Governments aren’t the most efficient way to create jobs… private businesses and individuals are. Stop trying to change this truth.

07. Stop acting as if you are “above the fray” on issues like healthcare, Cap and Trade, and terrorism. You can’t keep telling people you are simply trying to help Congress send the bills the country needs to your desk when you are, in fact, the one who can set the tone as to what is sent to your desk and what is not.

06. Stop holding massive taxation over the heads of Americans. Cap and Trade would impose a $,1600.00 tax on each and every American family. Businesses would pay more. See Resolution #08 for more information.

05. Stop trying to appease foreign countries that hate us. They are tougher and more experienced than you. Being president isn’t amateur hour.

04. Don’t tell our armed forces you support them and order them to possibly die on the battlefield on the one hand but tell your Liberal base “we’ll be pulling out soon” because it’s not going to work on either side and you’re only going to send Americans to death neeedlessly.

03. You’re unpopular… deal with it and stop acting like everybody loves you so you can sign anything you want into law. More Americans think you’re doing a crummy job than a good one… time to start governing like it.

02. Stop watering down everything so as to enlist the help of the Europeans. Europe has always waited for the U.S. to take the lead and always will because it’s the easier political route for them to take. Doing what’s right is the order of the day and trying to make things more palatable to them will only result in our objectives not being met and we still won’t get their support in the end. See Resolution #05 for more info.

01. Quit betraying our allies… I’m thinking mainly of selling out Eastern Europe to the Russians with SDI. America can’t afford to send those countries that have steadfastly supported us down the river for the hope of help from whatever country you are trying to win over with “goodwill” gestures

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