Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glenn Beck’s keynote address at next month’s Conservative Political Action Conference

Glenn Beck will be giving the keynote address at next month’s Conservative Political Action Conference and that alone could boost Republican efforts to get behind the tea party movement, lets hope that he could light a fine in our efforts. If anyone could do it, Glenn Beck can. Glenn Beck is one of the most talented and entertaining speakers ever. He has the ability to draw in an audience and hold them. I admire him a lot and know he will be a hit with the CPAC people.
Obama's Socialist-Democrats will be slaughtered in November 2010 and Obama will be looking for work in January 2013. The RINOs will not fare well, either. I doubt that McCain or any of the blue-bloods will be re-elected. Americans are just as fed up with the social liberalism of the Republicans as they are with Obama's Socialism.


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing Glenn's speech. He's my favorite talk-show host. He seems "real" to me and also makes me laugh. I hope he "lights a fire" under some butts, too!

  2. So am I Pamela, I hope that he destroys the lefties. And we all know that he is capable of do it.

  3. Glenn's Speech should be encouraging however he hasn't been very openly supportive of the Tea Party movement as of late which I find surprising. You'd think someone with federalist views would be more geared up about it. Maybe he'll sing a different tune at CPAC this year.